Little churches of the Montagnola Senese


5 ore circa


12 km


Start walking from the Pieve di Ponte allo Spino. Cross the road and take the path that leads to San Giusto, pass by the cemetery. Cross the small village keeping to the right, past the church of San Giusto, turn left onto a short track of main road that leads to Piscialembita and then immediately turn right in the direction of Personata. Just before Personata, you will reach path 110 , follow it, keeping to the left in the direction of Pernina. Go along the path, past the park 'La Tebaide', of Villa Cetinale, until you come to a dirt road, turn right and leave path 110 on the left. After about 700 meters you will reach a junction, turn left and then after another 300 meters you will reach the Pieve di Pernina. Take track 110 again, up to the Hermitage, and then go to Villa Cetinale afterwards. At the Villa, take the dirt road that goes to Ancaiano. Before reaching Ancaiano, take the paved road that goes up to Piscialembita. From there, continue on in the direction of San Giusto and then return to the Pieve di Ponte allo Spino.
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