Flora e Fauna
The higher part of the hills is covered with the typical Mediterranean vegetation: holm oaks, Turkey oaks, chestnuts, hornbeams, oaks, cypresses, pine trees, beech trees (not many), junipers, maples and bay oaks which can intensely colour the woods according to the time of the year.In the undergrowth there are butcher’s brooms, brambles, burdocks, asparagines, ferns, holly, old man’s beard, etc. During the autumn season the animals feast on wild mushrooms, chestnuts, sorb-apples, hazel nuts, arbutus berries, blackberries and strawberries. In spring the countryside fills with colour thanks to the wild flowers: the perfumed violets, the sunny primroses, the various types of broom, cornels, viburnums, elderberries, anemonies, cyclamins, periwinkles, hawthorns, etc. Cereals and forage are grown in the flat areas, where it is hillier olives and vines. Along the banks of the streams you can enjoy the special silver light from the black and shimmering poplar trees.
Fauna: Walking through the woods of the Montagnola and looking carefully, its easy to find traces like footmarks, nibbled friuts, fur, feathers and droppings, left there, maybe by a wolf, a wildboar, a roe-deer, deer, a fox, a badger, a weasel, a skunk, a beech-marten, a porcupine, a hedgehog, a squirrel or a dormouse. The plain areas are inhabited by permanent wildlife: hares and pheasants; while along the water edges it’s possible to come across colonies of coypu.Numerous species of migratory birds amongst which sky-larks, chaffinches, woodcocks, swallows, house-martins, herons and doves love to rest and build their nests in the area. Blackbirds, sparrows, robins, goldfinches, blackcaps, nightingales, magpies, jays and tiresome chatterers find here there ideal habitat.You can also see falcons and buzzards circling high up in the sky scanning the ground seeking a prey.


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Where To Stay
Hotel Relais Borgo di Toiano
Casa di Campagna in Toscana
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