This impressive building, located high above Villa Cetinale, can be reached walking up a steep staircase surrounded by woods, around 500 meters long and called the Scala Santa (holy stairs). The building was built in 1716 by the Chigi family, owners of Villa Cetinale, to accommodate a group of hermits principally dedicated to the care and assistance of the infirm. It offers four floors with the main view towards the Villa and is characterized by a central body on which there are two loggias. In the upper one there is a large cross with two wings opposite one another in hewn stone; in five of the open square niches you can see heads of a few Saints, while the remaining two are home windows for the rooms behind.


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Ficareto - Azienda Bio Agrituristica
Podere Casetta
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Ficareto - Azienda Bio Agrituristica
Podere Casetta
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